Webs Agreement

When you create your website, Webs gives you the flexibility to choose your own sub-domain for your site (z.B. “Developer” in the example: developer.webs.com) (“Sub-domain site”). Webs retains ownership of your website sub-domain and grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sub-conceded, non-transferable, revocable license to use the site sub-domain only on websites. The sub-domain of the website you select for your website and account is not transferable. You are solely responsible and responsible for all activities that take place under your web sub-domain and account. However, you can update your account at any time to purchase your own custom domain name. Microformats, like all other standards, are agreements. In this case, these are chords in which class values must be used to mark some of the missing items in HTML – people, places and events. That`s all. As part of making advertising available on websites, a third party may place or recognize a single cookie in your browser. In addition, some web links can lead to sites operated by other companies.

These websites and ads may be coversable with our name or logo, but are not operated or maintained by us. We do not control these cookies and Webs Services users should check each advertiser`s privacy policy to understand if and how cookies are used. Webs is not responsible for sites operated by third parties and with which one of our websites is linked. You accept that webs, at your discretion, your brands, service marks, trade names, images, characters, logos, domain names and other distinctive brands or other distinctive brands that you provide us in marketing materials, financial reports, presentations, presentations, client lists and other materials that are now known or have been discovered in the context of marketing, advertising and advertising for the platform, as well as in all products, products, functions, functions and/or services related to the use and use of the platform. The developer agrees that they maintain website backups and a set of final documents that are provided for a term up to [Backup.Term] PandaTip: This model section defines your responsibility as a website developer. The developer undertakes to personally present this website on [Presentation.Date] in a location suitable for both parties for final approval and acceptance by the customer. You agree to comply with all policies applicable to Webs and websites, as well as those of our third-party providers for paid services that will be published on websites or made available to you via a link in these Terms of Use. In addition, you agree to comply with all applicable laws. The failure of Webs to exercise or apply a right or provision of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision. If a provision of this agreement is found invalid by a competent court, the parties nevertheless agree that the Tribunal should endeavour to implement the intentions expressed by the parties in the provision, and the other provisions of this agreement will remain fully in force and effective.

Your accounts are non-transferable. The parties are independent contractors compared to each other. You may not delegate or divest all or part of your duties under this Agreement. Webs may cede all or part of this agreement to its sole discretion, without your consent and without notice. Unauthorized use of a web computer system is a violation of this agreement and certain federal and regional laws, including, but not limited to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C).