What Is A Bea Agreement

(1) In this agreement, the “workers” are all members of the unit. Contract workers are employees who work in the borough for no less than three consecutive years and who have been reappointed by the borough for the next school year at the end of these three (3) years. The test officer is a worker employed by the district for less than three (3) consecutive years. 1. Authorization – Wage deductions for association fees continue to apply to workers who have previously authorized such deductions and to the approval of all workers who do so, in accordance with the BEA Automatic Dues Deduction Plan (JULY 2, 2001). New authorizations may be provided to the payroll office through published salary data. Any worker who wishes to be paid by the contributions is withdrawn if he informs the association and the wage settlement body in writing on October 1. The provisions of this Agreement also apply to all members of the bargaining unit, regardless of physical or perceived race, skin colour, religion, sex, sex, sexual orientation, sexual expression, ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy , family status, economic status, veteran status or a perceived or actual connection to others in these classes. Complaints under this section are 1. This agreement can only be completed, deleted or amended by the voluntary mutual consent of the parties, and any agreement reached is reduced to the letter and signature by the parties as an amendment to the agreement. Renewed contracts are paid from the approved fee budget at the expert`s rate and are subject to the mutual agreement of the tradesman and control.

(2) Employees are liable, by wage deduction, for the portion of premiums that exceeds the district contribution. By June 1 of each planning year, the association determines any plan changes that may be made to a plan to be offered. When a carrier change is contemplated, insurance companies will be designated through a tendering process that will be completed by May 15 of each scheduled year. A. The employee will recognize the possibility of verifying these materials by inserting a signature and date on the copy to be submitted, with the explicit notice that such a signature does not necessarily indicate consent to the content of that quantity. Within five days of the date of the Council`s decision, the association informs the Chief of Human Resources of its intention to challenge the appeal in arbitration. Subsequently, the association`s representative and the Chief Human Resource Officer meet to prepare a formal statement of the matter to be submitted to the arbitrator. If, after five days from the date of receipt of the intent to appeal, no agreement is reached on the question to be asked of the arbitrator, each party can draw up its own description of the question to be asked. 3. The plan in force during the 1993-94 school year is maintained for the duration of this agreement, unless the majority of workers ratify an agreement amending the plan.

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