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Super Bowl Favorites

Super Bowl Favorites

Here at Hunt Advertising, the best part about the Super Bowl is the Monday morning meeting the day after. That’s when we watch all of the commercials and discuss which ones we liked and didn't like. So, here it is, a list of everyone’s favorites!


She loved the Budweiser “dog” commercial because it really pulled at her heart strings. The Fiat “blue pill” commercial really had her laughing out loud. Lastly she enjoyed the Liam Neeson commercial for Clash of Clans because even though she doesn't play the game, she really likes Liam. 


He enjoyed the women empowerment in the Always “Like a girl” ad. He too liked the Liam Neeson Clash of Clans because of the great use of an actor. He found the Fiat “blue pill” commercial use of traditional humor was a good choice. Of course the Budweiser “dog” commercial was gripping. I think we all agree. And finally he thought the Mophie “God” commercial was very clever. 


It seems to be a common favorite in the office; Jed too enjoyed the Clash of Clans Liam Neeson commercial. He enjoyed the hungry humor in the Snickers “Brady Bunch” ad. Another favorite was the Fiat commercial. The Avocados from Mexico got a good laugh out of him. He also enjoyed the Chevy Blackout, Coke, and the Esurance “Sorta Pharm” commercials. 


She, like everyone else in the office, like the Fiat and Budweiser ads. She also liked the message that the Always “like a girl” commercial sent out. She thought that the Doritos commercial on the plane was funny.


Her favorites were the Fiat 500x, Clash of Clans, and the Avocados from Mexico. She said that all of them were funny and memorable, what she thinks a good Super Bowl commercial should be! No puppies or sappy commercials for her! 


She loved the McDonalds “pay with love” commercials because they were so sweet. Being a huge fan of Jeff Bridges, she found the Squarespace commercials funny. The Mophie “God” commercial made her laugh out loud. Lastly she really loved the Always “like a girl” commercial for the message of empowerment it sent out to girls. 

Tell us which ones you enjoyed in the comments. 

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