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  •  Are you a full-service agency?


  • What does that mean?

    We provide all the services necessary to manage your total advertising and marketing program. Depending on your business’s goals, present needs and capabilities, this can include:

    • • Analyzing your problems and opportunities
    • • Recommending effective marketing directions and solutions
    • • Preparing an appropriate and creative message
    • • Ensuring maximum efficiency in the planning and buying of the right media in which to communicate your message

    It comes down to this: you tell us what you want done (or we devise a plan together), and then we do the work—creative, production, dealing with media and vendors—to make it happen. We can do anything, except pick up dry cleaning.

  •  Do I have to sign a contract?

  •  Will working with an agency cost me more money?

    No. Working with an agency has many benefits over the independent contractor. For instance:

    • • With so many clients and projects, we can pass our volume discounts on to you. 
    • • We provide access to all your artwork. Since we handle all of it, it's usually instantaneous.
    • • If you work with just one agency, you pay only one rate. That means one bill, which will make your accounting cheaper and easier.
  •  Your logo is really neat, don't you think so?

    Yes, our logo is awesome.

  •  What are the benefits of working with an agency?

    • • Flexibility as an “as-needed” resource you “turn on” when you need it and “turn off” when you don’t
    • • An extension of your own marketing department, or in some cases it effectively becomes the marketing department
    • • Smart, innovative people
    • • The ability to turn strategic, creative ideas into persuasive marketing communications
    • • An objective, third-party perspective free of internal politics and bias
    • • Insights gained from experience with the way people research and buy products
    • • “Cross-pollination” of ideas—benefit from the agency’s experience
    • • Knowledge of the different media outlets and how to get the best return-on-investment (ROI) for your advertising dollar
  •  Why do we need someone to do everything for us? Can't I just place the ads myself?

    In running a business, you have a lot to worry about. Specializing in media is just not something most clients are set up to do. Studying media markets, however, is what we do. We can negotiate better rates, better placement, and more return for your dollar because we understand the market.